Wardah C-Defense X Smitten by Pattern

by Smitten by Pattern on April 09, 2020  in CollaborationWardah C-Defense X Smitten


When was the last time you're so excited to play outside and see Mr.Sun?

Or have you ever fear of the sun rays that might damage your skin?

Summer time is just around the corner and together with Wardah, we would like to take you to play outside with no worry.

Let us take you to the C-Defense World...

A place where everyday is a very fun and fresh day.
A space where you can drown into the deep colorful objects made by O (from Orange) and C (from vitamin C) shapes.

A place where every woman can do anything under the sun - Cycling, swimming or climbing the colourful bricks, you name it !
A place where dust and pollution won’t stop your exploration as you can always get your freshness back.

This place is inspired by those active and adventurous women who never stop to explore and seize every experience in their life.
Because we know, every moment is enormous.

The design is turned into adorable stickers and scrunchies to color up your days under the sun.

The sun is shining and let's go outside !

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