Collection: Alur Kisah - Raya 2024

Life is a cycle of ends and starts. The ashes of endings arise the seeds of beginnings. Just like the continuous circulation of water, whenever a river reaches the ocean, it waits to go back to the atmosphere. The cycle is a continuous natural process that no one can stop.

Although we cannot hold our beloved people forever on our side, many beautiful things from them can be handed down through the generations and become our personal memories in the Family. It can be traditions, good values, culture, history, stories, yummy recipes, or wisdom that could guide us today and in the future.

This heritage is our unique and unbreakable bond to our roots, it identifies who we are and we owe it to our ancestors, ourselves, and our children to learn where we came from.

In this Raya moment, let’s keep the memories alive and cherish our family’s heritage. Exploring one’s heritage and family tree is a humbling and rewarding experience that can truly awaken the ‘real me’ in each one of us.