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Bundle 8 Quarantine Academy Stickers

Bundle 8 Quarantine Academy Stickers

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These pandemic days should be difficult for everyone. HOWEVER, please be aware that you are DOING GREAT!!
Let's appreciate ourselves / our loved ones for getting through these tough moments with these stickers!
These badges of honor can also be a lovely souvenir from this surreal years once we get through it <3

This bundle includes 8 different designs (1 piece per design):
1. Vaccine Advocate
2. Master of Staying at Home
3. Keeping it Together
4. IG’s News Broadcaster
5. Queen of Staying Healthy
6. Online Groceries Expert
7. CEO of Pretending
8. Captain Vit-C
Or you can get the single design here :

Sticker Size : 6 x 6 cm
Plastic Packaging Size : 8 x 13 cm
Material : Vinyl Sticker – waterproof, durable adhesive
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