Collection: Disco Diva - A Return to Disco Era


This time, Smitten will take you back to an era that defined dance music as we know it.


An era where you can find yourself wrapped in patterned silk dress, checkered shirts, flare sleeves outer and of course a high waisted loose pants while you're busy dancing all your troubles away on the dance floor.


Disco Diva, a collection of 70’s disco-inspired clothes and series of fabrics  with patterns that draw upon the geometry of dance floors with colors that feature disco flashy lights. Each of the distinctive designs of the seventies stands out with its unique color and print palette, which all have something in common to be united under the glam of disco ball. It is the essence of fun, of dancing, of happiness.


Because everyone need a little nighttime fantasy in their lives. They will find its electric heartbeat on the flashing floors, in the freedom of self-expressions and in their own selves.


It’s a Party Time and Classic Disco means you are all invited.