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Mini Marshmallow Bag-Sunday Morning

Mini Marshmallow Bag-Sunday Morning

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The beloved Marshmallow Bag has just welcomed its adorable mini version into the world! Introducing the Mini Marshmallow Bag, the cute offspring of its big puffy parent. With a burst of excitement and charm, this puffy bag is here to accompany your day and spice up your outfit with its irresistibly puffy and cute design.

Don't let its size fool you; the Mini Marshmallow Bag packs a punch when it comes to functionality. It comes with delightful detachable puffy straps that not only add a playful touch but also enhance its mobility. This mini wonder still manages to fit a surprising amount of your belongings, making it perfect for those who like to carry their world with them.

Crafted from the finest Baby Canvas (70% Polyester, 30% Cotton), this mini bag is built to last and exudes style in every stitch. The inside lining is 90% water repellent, and a secure zipper ensures your essentials stay safe and dry. Plus, its versatility is a delightful surprise – simply unzip and voilà, it transforms into a comfortable travel pillow during your adventures.

With the Mini Marshmallow Bag, you'll have the perfect blend of cuteness and practicality by your side. It's the mini version with mega charm, ready to become your new favorite accessory for every occasion. Embrace the joy of this newborn mini and let it bring a smile to your face as you carry it with you everywhere you go.

Pattern & Plain Fabric : Baby Canvas (30% Cotton, 70% Polyester)

Lining : Microfiber


Height: 19 cm

Width : 26 cm

Depth : 5 cm

Top Handle : 38 cm

Detachable Crossbody Strap : 104 cm

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