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Patchwork Mini Journal - Smitten x Achebong

Patchwork Mini Journal - Smitten x Achebong

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It is another hand-crafted journal, but this time in a handy size. Best to use it for writing, drawing, journaling, or for anything that inspires you! This is an upcycle product where its covers made from our organic fabric scraps – so each design is very special.
Collaborating with @Achebong, a collage artist from Boyolali, who hand-sewn this book with cotton thread using cross stitch binding which allows it to open flat with out damaging the binding, and a colorful elastic band to keep them safe!
Consists of 100 pages to allow you express your writing or drawing freely, plus 2 illustrated pockets to keep your top secrets. It is completed with a colorful elastic band to keep them safe. We made this book with full of love and attention to detail. Hope it can bring much colors to your days
Size : 15,5 cm x 10,5 cm x 2,5 cm
Cover Materials : organic cotton, rayon and linen fabric
Paper: Bookpaper 90 gsm, 100 sheets of blank papers
Includes : Front and middle 9cm x10 cm pockets. This book ships safely in a custom box

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